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  • 게시일 2023. 08. 30.
  • NCT Universe : LASTART Ep.6
    SM 명곡 일본어 미션 'Why?' 무대 다시 보기!💫
    SM Japanese Masterpiece Mission
    'Why?' Replay the Mission stage💫
    Released on THU
    00:59 (KST) ➫ NTV
    01:00 (KST) ➫ TVING Hulu KOCOWA+
    01:30 (KST) ➫ ENA
    LASTART Official
    #SION #시온 #シオン #YUSHI #유우시 #ユウシ
    #RIKU #리쿠 #リク #MINJAE #민재 #ミンジェ #HARUTA #하루타 #ハルタ
    #HEITETSU #헤이테츠 #ヘイテツ #DAEYOUNG #대영 #デヨン
    #LASTART #라스타트 #ラスタート
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  • lanangmasak
    lanangmasak 20 일 전 +117

    Dear SM, I want NCT Lastart not just promoted in Japan but also in Korea and GLOBAL!!!

  • Peony
    Peony 23 일 전 +88

    My favorite performance. Yushi still makes me fall in love with his visual, dance and his voice. And new member (forget his name) surprised me with his first performance.
    Jadi makin sedih bayangin hanya berempat yang akan terpilih. Secara mereka benar-benar luar biasa meski baru trainee.

    • sunflowerangel
      sunflowerangel 23 일 전 +4

      new trainee name is daeyoung, and sameee he surprised me here too!! especially that he also rapped well!?😭

  • Halley
    Halley 23 일 전 +138

    yushi can fit any concept!! very neo coded🫶

  • Madison Ivy
    Madison Ivy 23 일 전 +82

    Riku have the best stage presence. He's so talented and never be boring since Ep1. Lets debut Riku

  • Dear Me
    Dear Me 23 일 전 +59

    유우시 최고야!
    점점 볼수록 더 좋아져 ❤
    대영이 보컬도 장난이 아닌데

  • Melody M
    Melody M 21 일 전 +47

    Yushi is insanely great in this performance!

  • Golden November
    Golden November 22 일 전 +71

    yushi and riku in the thumbnail are an absolute visual and charming they MUST debut together

  • ㄱ ㅣ ㅁ ㅎ ㅛ
    ㄱ ㅣ ㅁ ㅎ ㅛ 13 일 전 +21

    유우시 목소리가 완전 잘 어울리는 무대다 🎧💭🩷

  • Thúy Phạm
    Thúy Phạm 23 일 전 +118

    Sion smiles proudly when BoA sàid Yushi is her favorite, Sion is Yushi biggest fan boy 🥰

    • Daniela López Aguilar
      Daniela López Aguilar 21 일 전 +10

      Leader energy

    • asdfghjkl0ser
      asdfghjkl0ser 16 일 전

      Ik this is sudden but I thought sion was japanese at first cuz one member from jpop grp jo1 has the same name😭

  • Intan Kumala
    Intan Kumala 15 일 전 +13


  • Jolly Grande
    Jolly Grande 7 일 전 +10

    This is such a jewel because it's very rare for idols to do a TVXQ cover and serve justice 😭🥺😍🤩

  • zahiranad
    zahiranad 21 일 전 +40

    daeyoung vocal so crazy omg he's 05 liner omg omg.. i hope minjae can debut too pls sm

  • 샤랄라
    샤랄라 23 일 전 +88

    시온이는 늘 안정적이고 대영이 보컬 놀랬음 ㅎ 넘잘해 데뷔각일듯

  • tala
    tala 22 일 전 +48

    minjae is arguably the best vocalist in the show, it'll be such a lost if they don't debut him.

  • Lilar Kim
    Lilar Kim 23 일 전 +73

    I love minjae's voice so much, let's debut

    • I need gas money
      I need gas money 21 일 전 +7

      It’s sound so clean and natural

    • Anna Mury Hervas
      Anna Mury Hervas 19 일 전

      @I need gas money His tone is similar to Taeil which I supeeer love! Minjae is ready to debut. About dancing and stage presence, I believe those can be improved through experience.

    • Andrea
      Andrea 10 일 전

      @Anna Mury Hervas omg yes! his tone is so similar to Taeil's!! wish he could have made the unit :(

  • My Little
    My Little 20 일 전 +17


  • josu euler
    josu euler 20 일 전 +52

    yushi sion minjae daeyoung riku sakuya jungmin, this would be the most powerful lineup

  • azzurraseul
    azzurraseul 21 일 전 +36

    Another amazing performance from Yushi, Sion, Riku, and Minjae. 👏👏👏

  • Kaah
    Kaah 6 일 전 +8

    3:45 I didn’t watched this reality show, so I’m not familiar with their names. But being a TVXQ fan for 17years this the first time I’m shocked with someone doing so well Changmin’s vocals! I hope he was able to debut!

    • A.F.R
      A.F.R 4 일 전 +2

      The one you pointed name Daeyoung..he is in the debut line with others 6 (7 members in the group)

    • 해찬
      해찬 일 전

      its daeyoung, yess he's in debut line up

  • Karla Yanel
    Karla Yanel 11 일 전 +3

    Esta canción es mi adicción por ellos, amo la voz de Daeyoung

  • Zahrkayla Shofa
    Zahrkayla Shofa 12 일 전 +12

    their talents are so expensive, SM please make new songs with this TVXQ song concept and vibe. This song is timeless and would never be "too old" for the newest generation. Especially hearing daeyoung and minjae's voice 😍😍 manly and classy. Wish Minjae will debuted soon 🥺

  • december
    december 23 일 전 +24

    Lagu WHY itu sangat memperhatikan ketukan langkah, gerakan dan suara yang powerful alias lagu yang susah bangat. Disini gue ngerasain bangat semuanya tapi jangan langsung dibandingin sama yang originalnya, ini masih ada beberapa kekurangan tapi overall untuk group yang masih trainee kaya gini bisa bawain why udah keren bangat 👍 Aku juga mau kasih applause buat yoshi daeyoung sama minjae 👏👏👏

  • Bashair Bashair
    Bashair Bashair 16 일 전 +9

    Wow, their voices are really amazing, despite the fact that SM is bad with everything, but it has really amazing teams and voices. It is the best company in K-Pop in terms of talent and voices.🤍👏

  • mai
    mai 23 일 전 +38


  • Jiyoung GD
    Jiyoung GD 18 일 전 +12

    Wow, they're all really handsome and talented, I've watched this many times.
    SM please debut them all, they fit in one group !!!!

  • trithels t
    trithels t 23 일 전 +65

    the two main vocalists should 100% debut. one has charismatic deep voice and can rap too while the other one nailed all the high notes beautifully

  • Di Timeto
    Di Timeto 13 일 전 +5

    why ini stage terbaik sih.. impact nya dapat bgt

  • again smile
    again smile 21 일 전 +20

    어려운곡인데 잘했네 대영이 보컬 좋다

  • Sumarah Alifa
    Sumarah Alifa 23 일 전 +30

    Yushi,riku, daeyong,❤❤❤

  • 王光光
    王光光 23 일 전 +43

    Yushi! ! ! 너무 잘했어요! ! ! ! 너무 좋아ㅠㅠ

  • 밍밍
    밍밍 22 일 전 +26

    유우시는 매 무대 진짜 미 쳐 따

  • Lemon Ly
    Lemon Ly 22 일 전 +17

    I love Sakuya’s stage presence and rap

  • aldana
    aldana 23 일 전 +32

    this was one of my favorite performances, really powerful !!

  • ㅇㅇ
    ㅇㅇ 23 일 전 +22


  • J
    J 23 일 전 +41

    I really wanna see 4k /fancam every member😆

  • Merril Leilani
    Merril Leilani 21 일 전 +21

    I really love minjae voice. Hope he will debut

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 23 일 전 +16

    Sion💚Riku💚 Yushi💚

  • R's
    R's 20 일 전 +27

    S+ : Yushi, Sion, Riku
    A : Daeyoung, Jungmin, Minjae, Ryu
    B : Ryo, Sakuya, Anderson
    C : Haruta, Kassho, Heitetsu

  • aniespur 94
    aniespur 94 19 일 전 +17

    Yushi Riku ❤️❤️

  • Miftakul Janah
    Miftakul Janah 13 일 전 +10


  • akane
    akane 15 일 전 +8


  • pelikan istagor
    pelikan istagor 22 일 전 +18

    I cried and was so touched by their performance even though they didn't sing ballads. Their nervousness and effort can be felt.

  • MY Sayang
    MY Sayang 20 일 전 +7

    Lagu SM hanya bisa dicover anak-anak SM, aku bangga dengan mereka, siapapun itu sudah bekerja keras, tetapi kita bisa lihat siapa yang pintar dalam penampilan juga, bagaimana sebenarnya mereka gugup, aku berharap yang terbaik saja untuk nct tokyo.

  • Syifa Fauziah
    Syifa Fauziah 22 일 전 +9

    Kalian pernah lihat trainee sebagus ini? Hahaha SM daebakkk

  • Aprilia Fitri Yastuti
    Aprilia Fitri Yastuti 23 일 전 +21

    g nyangka daeyeong dpet donk ekspresi dan suaranya

  • Trang Thùy
    Trang Thùy 22 일 전 +58

    Minjae deserved higher ranking 🥲

    • Anna Mury Hervas
      Anna Mury Hervas 22 일 전 +10

      He does! His dancing might not be Yushi level but he blended well in the group

    • Trang Thùy
      Trang Thùy 22 일 전 +8

      Yah, I was really shocked when I heard his ranking. He really needs to debut, I think he and Jungmin would be the perfect vocals for the group!!

    • An
      An 21 일 전 +7

      Fr, minjae deserve better

    • josu euler
      josu euler 20 일 전 +3

      he deserved at least 5th, so unfair from the judges

    • Lj jL
      Lj jL 20 일 전 +4

      I'm also shocked. But we must see what the judges were pointing out about his performance.

  • Tvne mamake
    Tvne mamake 22 일 전 +13

    Selain yuushi dan sion
    Riku diteam ini
    Dan team electrik kiss
    Sakuya jadi maknae sijeuni😅😅
    Unit ini bakal pecah sebagai NCT tokyo

  • Talitha Nadya
    Talitha Nadya 22 일 전 +6

    Riku, Jungmin, Daeyoung dan Ryo ... AYO KALIAN HARUS DEBUT!!!

  • nata
    nata 15 일 전 +4

    minjae 😢 im rooting for your debut. i really think it was a shame though, him jungmin and daeyoung could have been an iconic main vocal line.

    VIVIAN FUENTES 19 일 전 +3


  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 22 일 전 +14

    can we talk about daeyoung boy can sing and rap hes amazing

  • kakarika__
    kakarika__ 13 일 전 +4

    Trainee SM dah kyk idol brp tahun debut. Bgus bgt

  • Wa Ode Asriani
    Wa Ode Asriani 22 일 전 +8

    Tidak heran, ini adalah SM....
    Mereka bisa menemukan vokal-vokal luar biasa

  • An
    An 21 일 전 +13

    3:28 yushiiiii is the best

  • ELFSoo 슈주
    ELFSoo 슈주 17 일 전 +4

    All of them are so talented

  • Daniela Betancourth
    Daniela Betancourth 20 일 전 +3


  • ももも
    ももも 22 일 전 +10


  • 듀영
    듀영 23 일 전 +21

    잘해서 누구인지보면 유우시온이네 ㅎㅎㅎ 뭔가 리쿠+정민+대영+(사쿠야 or앤더슨) 이렇게 될거같기도하고…. 하루타는 비쥬얼도 좋고 몇번더하면 터질거같은데 ㅠㅠ아쉬움…. 민재도 눈에 밟히고 ㅠㅠ 애들아 어디가지말도 꼭 슴에서 데뷔해라

  • baby sakuya
    baby sakuya 22 일 전 +11

    Yushi o yushi ❤

  • Asya
    Asya 16 일 전 +8

    MINJAE performed great, I don't agree with the result. I hope he debuts soon somewhere else. SION, YUSHI, RIKU and DAEYOUNG were amazing!

  • Erika Escutia García
    Erika Escutia García 17 일 전 +6

    Yushi is so hyunjae from tbz coded, I love him so much

  • Megha Loey
    Megha Loey 20 일 전 +6

    coba bayangin minjae daeyoung doyoung taeil xioajun dan lead vocal nct lainnya adu mekanik high note 🥲 minjae must debut please 😭

  • Ana Mtz
    Ana Mtz 17 일 전 +3

    Me es imposible ver y escuchar esto sin cantar el fanchat 😂❤
    Buena presentación, chicos ✨
    Como bien dijo ChangMin, tanto el como YunHo y yo como Cassiopeia apreciamos más este equipo por presentar una canción de TVXQ ❤ y no cualquier canción, simplemente la poderosa "Why? Keep your head down" 🔥

  • Khin
    Khin 22 일 전 +9

    Riku Let's Debut!!!

  • in JOY
    in JOY 12 일 전 +10

    2:23 유우시 살인예고
    3:50 유우시 vs대영
    3:15 대영랩
    3:42 대영왜애애애애애

  • Thúy Phạm
    Thúy Phạm 22 일 전 +9

    I could not believe they ranked Minjae 10th for this mission, like how tf could they? He should be 6/7 at least

  • xwzkqd
    xwzkqd 23 일 전 +47

    유우시 얼굴 너무내취향

  • Cherry Taylor
    Cherry Taylor 3 일 전 +4

    유우시 잘생겼다 춤도 잘추고

  • 𝐖 𝐈 𝐍 𝐓 𝐄 𝐑

    Yushi, Sion, Minjae 💚

  • Wind
    Wind 21 일 전 +6

    daeyoung kalo ga debut sayang banget sih. dan baru training 3 bulan? gila! 대영 민재 데뷔하자!!

  • Maseta Rahma
    Maseta Rahma 16 일 전 +4

    they are stable af

  • Ariani Arini
    Ariani Arini 19 일 전 +4

    Minjae and Daeyoung vocals 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fortune Cookie
    Fortune Cookie 23 일 전 +16

    대영아 데뷔하자ㅠㅠㅠ

  • user
    user 17 일 전 +3

    3:42 my favorite part

  • december
    december 23 일 전 +16

    I'm pretty sure that SM will choose Daeyoung and Minjae because they have SM-thing, what? Vocals!

  • Park Andy
    Park Andy 19 일 전 +2

    Perfomance yang selalu gue ulang ulang

  • yellowsnrj
    yellowsnrj 23 일 전 +13

    minjaee debut kajja❤

  • Liahsofa 95
    Liahsofa 95 16 일 전 +1

    Keren sih. Suka semuanya. Berharap semuanya jadi member nct jepang aja.

  • Thúy Phạm
    Thúy Phạm 23 일 전 +13

    Minjae Minjae Minjae debut him please

  • Tiff Tiff❤️
    Tiff Tiff❤️ 23 일 전 +10

    Di sini Daeyoung ngebuktiin kalo dia emang pantes jadi calon debut, bakatnya bukan maennn

    • Dee
      Dee 23 일 전 +1

      Jadi inget chenle yg cuma trainee 3 bulan dan langsung debut

    • J
      J 22 일 전 +1

      SM emang gitu. Mau barapa tahun pun trainee tpi klo ada trainee baru yg lebih berbakat meski dia cuma trainee 1 minggu, maka trainee yg tahunan bakal digeser / kick

  • Pangeran Romeo
    Pangeran Romeo 10 일 전 +5

    yushi part👏👏👏👏👏

  • 1234 blob
    1234 blob 16 일 전 +8

    2:05 minjae actually sounds like he'd keep up with exo vocal line. He deserved to debut just for that

  • Rian mlg
    Rian mlg 20 일 전 +1

    gilaa keren parah semuanya🔥🔥🔥 sayang banget diambil cuman 4😢ayukk bpk CEO hyukjae ambil semua yg gg lolos😅

  • 1234 blob
    1234 blob 16 일 전 +2

    How did minjae not debut????

  • Christy angelica Labolaang

    you guys did a great job!!! everyone has their own unique side!!!!

  • Adeliani Fatima
    Adeliani Fatima 8 일 전 +1

    Rewatch to see minjae on repeat😭

  • nata
    nata 20 일 전 +3

    im going to be devestated if minjae doesnt make the final lineup

  • Sabri Montu🤎
    Sabri Montu🤎 22 일 전 +1


  • Christy angelica Labolaang


  • Zhrty ara
    Zhrty ara 17 일 전

    Aku str3aming sambil menunggu hasil akhir keluar, aku deg-degan dan panas dingin hehe

  • J
    J 22 일 전 +9

    Malu sendiri kan yg selalu bilang SM lipsing, trainee nya aja another level, jarang / hampir gada yg bisa cover lagu ini selain dari anak2 SM sendiri.

  • Макка
    Макка 20 일 전 +4

    Ты лучший Рику ты должен дебютировать я люблю тебя

  • Leni Sukarya
    Leni Sukarya 14 일 전

    Minjae bagus bngt suara nya tapi sayangnya ngak lolos..

  • Megha Loey
    Megha Loey 22 일 전 +1

    Nangis banget klo minjae sampe gak debut 😭 high notenya diluar nurul 😫

  • Ummy Shaliha
    Ummy Shaliha 21 일 전 +2

    I need 4k fancam each member so badddd

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 23 일 전 +11

    Riku 💫💚

  • Tuti Alawiyah
    Tuti Alawiyah 21 일 전

    Ngliad smua trainee'a bagus2..jd ga tega klo cuma d'ambil 4 orng doang..😭😭

  • Uni Wahyuni
    Uni Wahyuni 14 일 전

    Suara yushi candu banget

  • Taengo
    Taengo 21 일 전

    Suka bngtt❤

  • Fei
    Fei 23 일 전 +11

    Haruta fighting ..
    He's so potential don't lose your hope and dream .. There's many opportunity for improve your skill.
    He's vibe sweet boy 😊